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Box Stitching Wire Problems, Box Stitchers

When the machine is initially setup with a new spool of box stitching wire the brake system does not take much pressure to prevent the spool from over rotating because of the weight of the wire. As the wire gets further to the bottom of the spool it gets easier and easier for the spool to over rotate causing a nesting of the wire or jam. The spool holder brake should be adjusted as the wire comes off to stop this problem.

As you can see in your picture windings of the wire are no longer in line (one after another) like they would be normally during the spooling process.

This is what points us to the over rotation theory. The wire nested initially and when the wire kept on feeding into the machine the jam or snag happened from wires getting tightened upon one another.

Stitching Wire Spool Dimensions

Dimensions of Stitching Wire Spools can sometimes be very time consuming and hard to match up. Please visit us at www.wcjwire.com for the help you need.

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is here to help your stitching wire needs. We have the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Contact us: 414.291.9566

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is Dedicated to Helping our Customers

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is dedicated to helping our customers find answers to problems that arise. Changes in formats that require different products require a versatile vendor with the knowledge to find solutions. We take pride in the fact that we know as much about the products we are selling as the equipment that it is being used in. We are a resource in the industry and provide the services needed for high demanding customers. www.wcjwire.com

WCJ Pilgrim Wire - Quality Stitching Wire

Various different competitor's stitching wires and their problems...

Contact WCJ Pilgrim Wire to find out about stitching wire problems and ways we can make your bindery operation run smoother.




See the best Stitching Wire in the World

WCJ Pilgrim again succeeds with providing it customers with the best stitching wire in the world.

Is your operation slowing down due to bad wire? Contact WCJ Pilgrim Wire to get you the best.

We will be showing some of the reasons other wire manufactures make bad wire at the 2011 Graph Expo. Come on down and check us out.


WCJ Pilgrim Wire - Graph Expo Booth 4338

See WCJ Pilgrim Wire at Graph Expo booth 4338

See the cleanest wire in the world that will allow your operation to run smoothly. We will be having a microscope on site so you can see for yourself how clean and smooth our wire really is.



Calendar Wire

WCJ Pilgrim Wire offers a wide assortment of different sized calendar wires. Sold in 1000 piece bundles. Call or email us with your questions.

CPSIA Lead Limits

6 ING.—
8 ‘‘(i) IN GENERAL.—The third party
9 testing requirements established under
10 subsection (a) shall not apply to ordinary
11 books or ordinary paper-based printed ma
12 terials.
13 ‘‘(ii) DEFINITIONS.—
14 ‘‘(I) ORDINARY BOOK.—The term
15 ‘ordinary book’ means a book printed
16 on paper or cardboard, printed with
17 inks or toners, and bound and fin
18 ished using a conventional method,
19 and that is intended to be read or has
20 educational value. Such term does not
21 include books with inherent play
22 value, books designed or intended for
23 a child 3 years of age or younger, and
24 does not include any toy or other arti-

1 cle that is not a book that is sold or
2 packaged with an ordinary book.
4 PRINTED MATERIALS.—The term ‘or5
dinary paper-based printed materials’
6 means materials printed on paper or
7 cardboard, such as magazines, post
8 ers, greeting cards, and similar prod
9 ucts, that are printed with inks or
10 toners and bound and finished using a
11 conventional method.
12 ‘‘(III) EXCLUSIONS.—Such terms
13 do not include books or printed mate
14 rials that contain components that are
15 printed on material other than paper
16 or cardboard or contain nonpaper
17 based components such as metal or
18 plastic parts or accessories that are
19 not part of the binding and finishing
20 materials used in a conventional
21 method.

RR Donnelley Secures Business With Meredith

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company (Nasdaq:RRD) today announced that it has been awarded approximately a $300 million multi-year Print Management agreement by Meredith, the leading media and marketing company serving American women.

Under the terms of the agreement which renews, extends and expands the companies' relationship, RR Donnelley will provide a broad array of products and services, including magazine and book production; logistics services — including co-mailing; and an innovative Print Management program. RR Donnelley's on- and near-site Print Management professionals will deliver a range of services to help contain costs and enhance the effectiveness of Meredith's transactional, commercial printed and other documents.

Graph Expo 2011 - WCJ Pilgrim Wire

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is happy to be at Graph Expo 2011 in Chicago September 11-14, 2011. We will be showing our high quality Stitching Wire, Spiral Binding Wire, Tinned Wire, Baling Wire, Box Stitching Wire, and Colored Wire. We look forward to seeing you.

Stitching Wire Flaking Problems

WCJ Pilgrim Wire offers the highest quality stitching wire available. We offer wire that does not flake, dust, and chip. We use the best coatings and the best practices when making our stitching wires. Sometimes flaking can occur with any stitching wire. Some of the best advice is to check wire your wire is traveling prior to the stitcher head. Check your wire guide springs for flat spots along with any metal on metal contact. Call us for more information on this and we can help.

Phone: 414.291.9566

True to size wire

Some companies say they are giving you one size of wire and actually giving you something totally different. WCJ Pilgrim Wire guarantees that if we sell you any size Gauge of wire we will give you that exact Gauge of wire. The problem with other companies that sell you something that you did not ask for is the wire can be larger then the job needs. This larger wire will cut down on your stitching wire yield because you are using more wire then you actually need. Not only does this cheat you, it makes your postage costs increase because of the added weight. This can hurt your bottom line.

Stitching Wire and Machines

WCJ Pilgrim Wire has an extensive line and inventory of Box Stitching Wire for use on, Baumuller, Ideal Stitcher, Interlake ISP, and Stanley Bostitch Machines.

300LB Spools:
Designed for use in high speed box stitching wire applications

100LB Spools:
Designed for use in all wire stitchers that use 100LB spools

40LB Spools:
1 Spool per case of Copper and Galvanized colored wire
Designed for use in all wire stitchers that use 40LB spools

25LB Spools:
2 each 25lbs spools per case of Copper and Galvanized colored wire.
High Quality Plastic
Designed for use in all wire stitchers that use 25LB spools.

10LB Spools:

5 each 10lbs spools per case of Copper and Galvanized colored wire.
High Quality Coil and Plastic Spool available
Designed for use in all wire stitchers that use 10LB spools.

Stitching Wire in Canada

WCJ Pilgrim Wire offers 2 warehouses in Canada, one in Toronto Ontario and Montreal Quebec. This is for its customers to get the stitching and spiral binding wire were you need wire. If we do not have the wire you need in your area, we can ship from Milwaukee, Houston, Laredo, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Call us at 888.672.2503 or visit us at www.wcjwire.com.

Stitching Wire - Spiral Binding - Stainless Steel - Colored -

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is the largest Stitching Wire and Spiral Binding Wire provider in the Nation. We only offer the highest quality wire products. We guarantee everything that we sell so you are assured the products you get will not be in vain. Give us a call at 414.291.9566 or see us at our website www.wcjwire.com. We look forward to talking to you.

Colored Stitching Wire

Colored stitching wire can make or break a project. It can be the pop that gets you the sales. The problem with colored wire is it is at times hard to use. For the most part all nylon coated colored wire is 24 gauge. The wire is 25 gauge and the coating will make it 24 gauge. You will need to increase the the size of the components in the stitching head. For the most part this is going to be the formers and drivers. Please give us a call or find more information at www.wcjwire.com.

Stitching Wire Circle Cast and Camber

The best stitching wire is going to be straight and have a very small to no spiral (camber). Stitching wire should be this way to cut down on stitching head wear. All WCJ Pilgrim Wire stitching wire has the least amount of circle cast and camber possible.

See more at www.wcjwire.com

Getting the Wrong Stitching Wire Cost you Time and Money

Purchasing a "bargain brand" of stitching wire will cost you money. Your production will decrease and the job won't get done. Don't make the wrong choice on trying to save on your supplies and lose in the big picture when your job isn't done. We only supply the highest quality "A Grade" of wire for both saddle stitching and box stitching wire. Some wire companies have two different types of wire, WCJ Pilgrim Wire only sells the highest quality wire products. We also guarantee everything we sell. Visit us at www.wcjwire.com to see more of our products.

Local: 414.291.9566
toll free: 888.672.2503

Flake Free Low Resistance Stitching Wire to Cut Down on Stitcher Head Repairs

WCJ Pilgrim Stitching Wire makes flake free low resistance stitching wire. We use the highest quality products to insure our coatings have the least amount of resistance and friction on your high dollar stitching heads and parts. Ask us about the testing we do with our wire against our competitors stitching wire products.

Check us out at www.wcjwire.com

CPSIA Update: Testing Requirements Go Into Effect in February Unless Stay Is Extended

CPSIA Update: Testing Requirements Go Into Effect in February Unless Stay Is Extended

WCJ Pilgrim Wire offers only CPSIA Compliant materials for the book binding, saddle stitching, and printing industry. Please contact us to see what we are about. www.wcjwire.com

Thredlok Wire

WCJ Pilgrim Wire is now providing the highest quality Thredlok Wire available. Thredlok Wire is used in numerous industrial manufacturing applications. We have both copper and galvanized wires in the size you need. Please give us a call 414.291.9566.

WCJ Pilgrim Wire - Holidays

WCJ Pilgrim Wire wishes you a Happy New Year! We look forward to a great 2011! We will be closed on December 31st and will be back open again on January 3rd. If you need to contact WCJ during these times, please email your representative or follow this link. http://www.wcjwire.com/index.php/contact_us

Thanks and have a safe and Happy Holiday.