Lead Compliant Stiching wire

WCJ Pilgrim Stitching wire exceeds new standards for lead content.
Please contact Kris@wcjwire.com for more info.

Stitching wire

WCJ Pilgrim Stitching Wire 250 pound spools will reduce downtime
WCJ Pilgrim Stitching wire offers 250 Pound spools to replace your 5-70 pound spools of stitching wire.
This can greatly reduce spool changes, and save on the cost of your stitching wire.
Please see wcjwire.com for more details or email kris@wcjwire.com

WCJ Pilgrim Wire Stitching wire lead content

WCJ Pilgrim Wire stitching wire meets or exceeds new goverment standards for lead content.
WCJ Pilgrim Stitching wire has been tested by an independent lab and exceeds all new lead content standards.
Caontact WCJ Pilgrim Stitching wire for more info.