Graphic Arts Wire and Industrial Wires - Stitching Wire

WCJ Pilgrim Wire has recently acquired the Graphic Arts and Industrial Wire business of ISP Stitching & Bindery Products. Along with the wire business WCJ Pilgrim Wire welcomes to their team Nanci Gallagher and Tom Hagemann. Please contact WCJ Pilgrim Wire for your stitching wire needs

Stitching Wire WCJ Pilgrim Wire Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! Over the Holiday please make sure to have a happy and safe time.

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day 11/25 and Friday 11/26. If you need stitching wire, box stitching wire, baling wire, or any other wire please email your WCJ Pilgrim Wire representative at any time. Also, you can send a message to our website.

WCJ Pilgrim Wire acquires ISP Stitching and Binding's Wire Business

On November 12, 2010 WCJ Pilgrim Wire acquired the Bookbinding and Box Stitching wire business of ISP Stitching and Bindery Products from Deluxe Stitcher Company Inc. Chicago, Illinois. WCJ Pilgrim Wire is a long standing supplier of wire products to both Deluxe Stitcher and ISP Stitching and Binding Products

Stitching Wire and Box Stitching Wire

Stitching Wire and Box Stitching Wire is the highest quality sealing mechanism. Members of the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) Convention come and see us in Phoenix Nov. 7th - 9th. We look forward to seeing you there.

WCJ Pilgrim Acquires Stanley Bostitch's Wire Business

WCJ Pilgrim Wire has purchased Stanley Bostitch's wire business, encompassing box stitching, bookbinding stitching and thredlok wire. The companies had been working in conjunction on different levels for years. That business relationship expanded when Stanley closed its Clinton, CT, wire mill. WCJ was qualified as its wire supplier and began supplying Stanley Bostitch customers with WCJ Pilgrim Wire products.

Paul Jacey, Bostitch Industrial Channel Manager, stated, “WCJ Pilgrim Wire has considerable product and industry knowledge in relation to all our customers already, as well as an extensive inventory to serve their needs with little or no lead times. That, plus the fact that WCJ has actually been supplying Stanley Bostitch with our wire for several years points to a seamless transition.”

All open orders are being transitioned to WCJ Pilgrim Wire.

Stitching Machines

WCJ Pilgrim Wire has teamed up with A-1 Bindery Service to offer the highest quality used rebuilt stitching machines in North America. We are rebuilding these machines from the ground up repairing any damage and replacing any wear parts. These wire stitching machines are almost new by the time they leave the our shop. We have a tech on hand that has more then 30 years of stitcher rebuilding experience.