Stitching wire sale

We will guaranty our wire will make you stitcher heads perform better. Call us for a sample today, and find out why 80% of the top 100 printers in the nation choose WCJ Pilgrim Wire.
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Brush Stapling wire

WCJ Pilgrim also offers Brush stapling wire for all types of staple set brushes. We can offer all size wires, spools from 5 to 1000 pounds. All sizes in stock. Call us today for a quote.


WCJ Pilgrim Wire offers all types of despoolers, payoffs and handling equipment for stitching wire and all other types of wire. Proper despooling equipment can make your operation more efficient, by eliminating downtime. Call us for a free trial today. See our despoolers at
WCJ Pilgrim is proud to announce that we are now selling Bekaert Spiral binding wire.

Stitching wire

WCJ Pilgrim wire is the numer one supplier of stitching wire in the world. This blog was created to discuss any issues you may have with wire stitching of all kinds.
WCJ Pilgrim offers all types of stitching wire,

Saddle stitching wire
Press stitching wire
Metal stitching wire
Box stitching wire
Flat stitching wire
Bookbinding wire

And many other types of industrial wires. Also see our website at